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  • Serpent’s Bite

    News reports this week told of a restaurant in China, one that serves a dish using cobra meat, where a chef grabbed one of the deadly snakes, took a cleaver, and cut its head off. As he reached to throw… Read More »
  • A Private Screening

    Imagine being invited into a room to screen a new reality show. You were asked to be seated front and center, the lights go off, and a video begins to play of people you know, all of them talking badly about… Read More »
  • Reality Unseen

    Fear causes us to believe that bad things, which are not real, do exist. Denial causes us to believe that real things do not exist. Faith causes us to believe things we cannot yet see truly do exist. Hope causes us… Read More »
  • That Gig is Up

    Lance Armstrong, now a year and a half after his confession to Oprah, agreed to a CNN interview with Matt Majendie. He made these statements about why and how he continued the lie about doping: "I was good at playing… Read More »
  • Autocorrect?

    There is a strong chance the majority of you reading this have a smartphone with autocorrect enabled on your texting. Those who us who have this feature can’t live with it, but can’t live without it. For me, it corrects… Read More »
  • Assessing Your Score

    My 24-year-old son now gets at least one invitation a week from a credit card company. The letters all start the same way: “Because of your excellent credit history…” When he started college, we started working slowly on his credit… Read More »
  • Killing Oneself

    A mental health professional wrote an article regarding Robin Williams’ suicide, stating how he hoped this tragic event would educate people that if this extremely funny comic who made the world laugh for decades could take his own life, under… Read More »
  • Hold It Tight

    Johnnyswim is a new husband/wife music duo quickly gaining deserved popularity. They are a breath of fresh air on today’s charts, relying solely on great songwriting and great voices. No gimmicks; polished talent. You can quickly tell by listening to… Read More »
  • Sacrifice or Obedience?

    1 Samuel 15:22 says … “What is more pleasing to the Lord:
your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice?
 Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice…” (NLT) Oftentimes, I find myself sacrificing when I should be obeying. And way… Read More »
  • Til Death Do Us … Remain

    A couple in Bakersfield, CA were married for 62 years. Don, the husband, had fallen and broken his hip, while Maxine, the wife, had cancer. Their granddaughter had moved their beds together into one room, so they were next to… Read More »
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