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  • The Battle in the Garden

    When we survey the great, epic battlegrounds of history, we never suspect a garden as a likely location. But in two very key places in Scripture, a garden became a … Read More »
  • What is Men’s Ministry?

    This post/article is going to be a bit different today. I’m going to let you into “my world” for a few hundred words. Having a men’s ministry today is tough … Read More »
  • What If…?

    What if you found out God had very strategically placed you … … with your spouse? … with the children you’re parenting? … in the job where you work? … … Read More »
  • Accountability vs Accusation

    See if you can find the difference in these two sentences? Where were you last night between 8:00 and 11:00 PM ? Where were you last night between 8:00 and 11:00 … Read More »
  • Digital vs Physical

    The digital footprint. One of those phrases that didn’t exist just a few years ago. It’s the trail we leave on-line. But it’s not like a physical footprint, because no … Read More »
  • The (True) Story of Noah

    Since Noah is now on the big screen, I thought I would share this video shot last year when I taught the Genesis passages at a local church verse by … Read More »
  • Impulse vs. Intention

    You drive by a Starbucks and within seconds, you’re the ninth car in the drive-thru. You’re browsing on-line, killing time, and within minutes, you’ve made a purchase. You’re driving home … Read More »
  • So You Love Coffee?

    I’m partnering with the Phoenix Community Coffee Company, a Christian company whose passionate about coffee. Here’s the  deal…you buy their awesome coffee, grown responsibly with coffee farmers they are in … Read More »
  • Show Me the $

    In the late 90s, the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes was a huge thing. Everyone in America with a mailing address got this big envelope with Dick Clark and Ed McMahon’s picture … Read More »
  • The Doors

    Bedroom door. Bathroom door. Hotel room door. Boardroom door. Office door. Car door. These are a few examples of physical doors that are closed when sin is about to take … Read More »

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