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  • Owning Up

    Saying that God owns everything is a massive statement in our lives. Stating He owns all we have and we are only stewards is a strong declaration. So, if this …Read More »
  • The Honor Role

    Sunday night, I went to the Tennessee Titans opening pre-season game, looking forward to seeing Marcus Mariota play live. They played the St. Louis Rams, led by ex-Titans head coach, …Read More »
  • Lean & Mean (& Green)

    We have 2 Leyland evergreen trees in our backyard that we planted last year and both now have about 60% brown limbs and 40% green. They’re getting enough water and …Read More »
  • Hole in the World

    Well, for those of you who may have noticed, I’ve been AWOL the past 2 months. All for good reason. Writing projects and deadlines demanded all my time, plus I …Read More »
  • The Final Score is …

    In all sports, there is a human somewhere, whether he or she is hovered over an intricate computer interface at a multi-million dollar stadium or sitting at a table with …Read More »
  • Long (Not so) Lost Family

    My wife and I went to her new coffeehouse of choice Saturday afternoon. There was a couple sitting at a table, about our age. I had already taken a seat, …Read More »
  • Feeding Someone a Line

    There is a neighbor on our block that as the mowing season has begun clearly decided this was not a priority for him this year. As the grass gets higher …Read More »
  • Amazin’ Graze

    For several years, I have taught the concept of how Psalm 1’s “meditate on his law day and night” offers a cow cud affect in our spirits and mouths. Essentially, …Read More »
  • Graduation Gift—for You

    Some of our close friends’ son graduated from high school last week. After I wrote a message to him in his card, I read it and thought to myself, “It’s …Read More »
  • Earn vs Owe

    If you and I are friends and you can tell I am constantly trying to do things to win your approval and earn your friendship, how are you going to …Read More »
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