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  • Earn vs Owe

    If you and I are friends and you can tell I am constantly trying to do things to win your approval and earn your friendship, how are you going to …Read More »
  • Half a Bubble Off

    My wife and I just completed a do-it-yourself back yard makeover project. One of the additions was to build a bench that required stones to be built up on each …Read More »
  • Filters & Lenses

    If you’ve ever watched a pro photographer at work, he has various lenses and filters he changes out to achieve certain shots and get specific looks to capture a moment. …Read More »
  • Time vs Money

    How do you view God’s grace? As time or money? Let me explain … Time is the same gift for everyone, we live in its midst, and we start every …Read More »
  • Just Give me a Sign

    During a walk in our neighborhood, I passed a home with a decorative sign in the front flower bed with fancy script which read “He is Risen!” I then glanced …Read More »
  • Point vs Purpose

    We can simply make a living. Or we can make a life. One gets work done for us to survive another day. The other does work to help others thrive …Read More »
  • Choose Up

    Remember playing football or basketball in grade school at recess and doing the whole captains picking the team thing? “I take Johnson.” “I get Mahoney.” “I’ll take Sims.” If you …Read More »
  • The 3 R’s of Explosive Safety

    My family on my mom’s side has some ranch property in central Texas. Back in the 40’s, the government took it over for a while to train combat troops. To …Read More »
  • Contagious vs Clinical

    Having one son not far out of college and another one currently enrolled, I have heard my fair share about professors—good and bad. Sunday night, my younger son and I …Read More »
  • Systemic vs Solo

    Recently, someone was walking me through the topics they were going to cover in a staff or team meeting. When it came to a list of behaviors the person was …Read More »
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