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  • Rage vs Anger

    I was talking to a young man recently about the difference between anger and rage. It seems our chaotic culture is creating more sufferers of rage, and most certainly, more …Read More »
  • Form vs Function

    There’s a home in our neighborhood that has one of those Southern Living backyards. (I don’t covet; I’m so glad they own it so I can look at it.) They …Read More »
  • Evaluating Easements

    An easement is one of those legal details in life that we don’t think about until it’s a problem. For example, in most cities, if you have a sidewalk in …Read More »
  • The Best Church

    The best church for people to see will never be the one you attend on Sunday, but the one you take to the world on Monday.  Read More »
  • Address Correction

    A couple getting ready to move into their $680,000 vacation dream home in Daytona Beach, Florida was shocked and surprised to find out their house had been built on the …Read More »
  • Asleep on the Job

    Pastor and author Pete Wilson was sharing about a recent flight back home where an older couple sat in the middle and window seats on his row. He said that …Read More »
  • The Miraculous Miscellaneous

    Last week I needed to pray about some important, specific things, all related back to one over-arching topic. I had a great need and I wanted to be specific and …Read More »
  • I’m Not Defensive!

    When’s the last time someone said to you, “Easy. Don’t be so defensive.” Typically, when we are accused of adopting a defense, we take one of three approaches… 1—Deflect 2—Attack …Read More »
  • Matters of Life & Death—Part II

    Yesterday I wrote about my mom’s recent passing. I really appreciate those of you who reached out via email and social media to express condolences or to say the post …Read More »
  • Matters of Life & Death

    It is a sad, strange, and surreal moment to stand at the bedside watching the one who brought you life, lose her own. The one who went through the birth …Read More »
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