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  • Marriage: External vs Internal

    Staying with the theme of marriage this week, while also reiterating what I wrote yesterday: I fancy myself no expert on the subject. But three decades does give you experience, …Read More »
  • 30 Years…

    As I write this, it is Monday, September 15, 2014. 30 years ago today, I married my wife, Robin. I am more convinced than ever that the optimum and most …Read More »
  • The Upside of Down

    For those of you who are well versed, pun intended, with Bible stories, this may not be a new thought, but I bet it will be a timely reminder regardless. Periodically, …Read More »
  • In the Delivery Room

    Over the last decade or so, midwives have experienced a resurgence as a viable option for couples giving birth. Webster’s Dictionary defines a midwife as “a person who is trained …Read More »
  • Go vs Be

    Pastor Pete Wilson talked about what we may miss when our lives are going far too fast. He gave the illustration of traveling to Philadelphia this past week. He said …Read More »
  • Free Candy?!

    News outlets reported recently that neighborhoods from North Carolina to Texas to California have been finding plastic bags in their driveways with fliers inviting membership to the Ku Klux Klan. …Read More »
  • Talking Donkeys & Covert Curses

    A pastor friend of mine here in Nashville always contacts me to fill in for him when he’s out of town. I like to teach exegetically as he does, so …Read More »
  • Defining Your Duty

    Firefighters in Baytown, Texas were called to a home where a man was out mowing his yard and suffered a heart attack. After paramedics took he, along with his wife, …Read More »
  • Serpent’s Bite

    News reports this week told of a restaurant in China, one that serves a dish using cobra meat, where a chef grabbed one of the deadly snakes, took a cleaver, …Read More »
  • A Private Screening

    Imagine being invited into a room to screen a new reality show. You were asked to be seated front and center, the lights go off, and a video begins to play …Read More »
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