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  • The 3 R’s of Explosive Safety

    My family on my mom’s side has some ranch property in central Texas. Back in the 40’s, the government took it over for a while to train combat troops. To …Read More »
  • Contagious vs Clinical

    Having one son not far out of college and another one currently enrolled, I have heard my fair share about professors—good and bad. Sunday night, my younger son and I …Read More »
  • Systemic vs Solo

    Recently, someone was walking me through the topics they were going to cover in a staff or team meeting. When it came to a list of behaviors the person was …Read More »
  • Erasing Erosion

    I was walking through a construction area in our neighborhood recently where they had sheered off the side of a hill. As I went by, some movement caught my eye. …Read More »

    Did you hear the story from this weekend about the tourists gathered in front of the “Full House” TV show home in San Francisco? The actual house they always shot …Read More »
  • When I Leave is Where It Counts

    A while back, I had the privilege of meeting Bob McMillan. He is passionate about water. Bob owns a drilling company in north central Florida, so his living is made by …Read More »
  • Do You Believe?

    Back in October, I received a call about writing a devotional book for the film Do You Believe? The movie is the follow-up (not sequel) to the amazingly popular God’s …Read More »
  • The (Dis)Comfort Zone

    When we use the phrase … “that makes me uncomfortable” … it can mean a variety of different things. From something just isn’t quite right about a situation all the …Read More »
  • Body-Building Men

    Last weekend, the 6th & 7th, I presented my Knight’s Code conference at First Baptist, High Springs, Florida. 85 men gathered, ages ranging from 15 to 80. The most diverse …Read More »
  • Frozen Over vs Freed Up

    In the winter months on many mornings, when I go out to leave, or even just move a car, there is often a layer of ice on the windshield. Whether …Read More »
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