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  • Beak Up

    My wife has two crepe myrtle trees, about 7 feet tall, just off our back patio. One has the perfect convergence of branches forming a support base for a bird nest, plus plenty of leaf coverage to not be easily… Read More »
  • Just Like Me?

    My friend, Jeff, has a 3-year-old son named Elliott, who was born with hydrocephalus—a fluid buildup inside the skull that leads to brain swelling. It is life threatening. This medical condition has caused their family to go through a great… Read More »
  • How Am I Driving?

    I was following a small, white pickup with a bumper sticker on the back that read in large, red letters: HOW AM I DRIVING? CALL 1-800-***-****. We’ve all seen those messages on all kinds of company vehicles and even 18-wheelers.… Read More »
  • The (Ex)Terminator

    A man in Seattle, living in a rent house, saw a large spider in his home. Looking for an appropriate weapon to destroy the arachnid, he decided on a lighter and a can of spray paint. So, holding the lighter… Read More »
  • “I’m out.”

    While watching an episode of Shark Tank I saw Mark Cuban, after listening to a woman pitch her concept and business, then answer questions from the other “sharks,” say—in paraphrase—“You find excuses rather than seize opportunity. You’re going to have… Read More »
  • Waving the Red Flag

    Just in the past 3 months, I’ve read or heard firsthand these accounts and I’ve intentionally and obviously not used names here… A Christian communicator was arrested for DUI, complete with vomit in the car. He had been speaking to… Read More »
  • The Boogeyman & The Big, Black Door

    When we were little guys, in our own room, in our own bed, and it was dark and everyone else was asleep, it was real easy to just know the Boogeyman was in the closet. You knew he was watching… Read More »
  • Gift Card vs Personal Check

    Let’s say it’s your birthday and a friend gives you a card. You open it to find a Visa Gift card inside. He doesn’t write how much is on it, so you know you’ll have to go on-line to see… Read More »
  • When a Dream Dies

    20-year-old Isaiah Austin’s dream was to play pro basketball. He is the 7-foot, 1-inch center for Baylor University. Isaiah had been working out with NBA teams, hoping to get picked in the draft. But, as is common, the NBA had… Read More »
  • Blurred Lines

    This weekend a friend sent me a link to a story I was familiar with, yet didn’t know the latest news. What I knew was Tim Lambesis, lead singer of the “Christian” band As I Lay Dying, was recently sentenced… Read More »

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