The Knights Code conference was such a blessing to the men and families of our church.  The content is simple, and yet profound.  It is practical and yet deep all at the same time. Robert is not afraid to speak to the difficult issues facing men of today’s culture, yet he does it with grace and love.  Our men were challenged to grow deeper in relationships with God and each other and to stand up to be the spiritual leaders God has called them to be.  —Chad Benson , Pastor, Lifegate Church Burleson, TX

Our church has never had a men’s ministry or a men’s conference of any kind.  We invited Robert Noland for a Friday evening — Saturday morning Knight’s Code Conference.  Robert covered all those topics that are on every man’s mind but seldom discussed.  I was especially impressed by the way he taught from a biblical perspective, always pointing us back to our relationship with Christ.  Robert held each man’s full attention the whole time.  After the conference those attending decided to start a men’s ministry in our church.  We look forward to deep fellowship and learning how to support and encourage one another.  Thanks Robert! —Andy Perkins, Conference Sponsor, Memorial Presbyterian in Elizabethton, TN

I wish I could express the fruit that is coming out of the teaching of “The Knights Code.” We have seen changes in men’s lives, touched by the Holy Spirit during and after the teaching. Men were awakened to Truth and a way of life they were not walking in. I know in my heart that it has made me a better Christ follower, husband, father, grandfather, employee, and church member. I thank God for the anointing on Robert. —Ed Ewald, Men’s Ministry Leader, Round Rock, TX

Man! God had you RIGHT ON last night! All of our guys enjoyed your message. Some told me of how they were challenged by the Lord to get busy about following God’s plan for their lives. I believe your talk and your book will help them in that. I guarantee you that God spoke to me through you last night. —Randy McLelland, Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

I attended a men’s retreat for two days where the speaker was Robert Noland. It was a blessing to meet Robert and hear him speak. The principles he teaches for living your life are amazing and follow along with serving God and how we should all pursue living our lives. After hearing Robert teach, here is what my life is now about—Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, and Follow the King! —Terry Meadows, Pro Rodeo Cowboy, Austin, Texas

The word of God was proclaimed mightily through you this past weekend! The men gathered were edified Robert, His message through you resonated strongly. Know that the work you are doing, the mission you are on, and the kingly tenants you espouse are building up the body of Christ, calling men back into right relationship with Him and one another and are making a difference for his Kingdom here on Earth. Thank you, brother and praise Him! —Tripp Lee

Robert, I had a life-changing experience about 12 years ago attending a Man in the Mirror event at a retreat. Guess what? It happened again this past weekend! Thanks! —Maury Purcell

This past weekend, meeting you, and now my constant relationship with Christ has forever changed my life. My two buddies and I are starting our first accountability group. —Bobby Bentz

When God’s truth is told, it’s obvious. Praise God for His work through you. Thanks for your obedience, your boldness in proclamation, your humility of spirit, and for sharing your wisdom. —Glenn O’Hanesian

Robert, thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance this past weekend. The Knight’s Code showed me ways to step back up as a Christian man. The principles, combined with Scripture, also gave me a better insight and understanding of the Bible. God bless you. —Troy Hutchinson

As most churches today have little to no budget for men’s ministry, I have a plan for bringing my Knight’s Code conference to you that is affordable to the majority of churches. Contact me at for details.

If you are looking for a men’s event, weekend retreat, or a speaker for your men’s rally or Sunday morning emphasis, my Knight’s Code message of Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, and Follow the King can be customized to your program’s needs and bring a powerful, authentic element to minister to your guys.

If you are launching or re-enaging a men’s ministry, my conference teaches the need for, and importance of, small groups. I can prepare and set up your men’s ministry launch of small groups from the event, including resources for the first 6 months.

I also offer my experience to coach ministers, lay-leaders, and churches as they start or re-engage a men’s ministry. I can help your church or ministry through calls and Skype sessions or on-site consulting. For rates and availability or to help assess your needs, contact me.

(Robert) at to discuss your event, dates, and budget. I look forward to talking with you and ministering to your men’s group.


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