The Knight’s Code Men’s Conference Info

The Conference:

The optimum way to present The Knight’s Code conference is to do two sessions (Live Pure and Speak True) Friday night from 7:00-9:30 PM and two sessions (Right Wrong and Follow the King) Saturday morning from 9:00-11:30 AM with one break in each session between the topics.

The retreat-style setting at a church on Friday night and Saturday morning has proven to be the best received with maximum impact to spread out the teaching with breaks. I hold firm to the 9:30 PM and 11:30 AM end times to respect the men’s schedules.

Some churches or ministries prefer a Saturday only event from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. I incorporate the same teaching in this setting with short breaks in between sessions 1 and 2, 3 and 4. A lunch break is taken between sessions 2 and 3.

How the Event Works:

The sponsoring church or churches pay for my travel expense—flight, rental car, hotel, and meals. If the location is within a reasonable driving distance from Nashville, gas receipts will be provided for reimbursement.

The “ticket charge” is $25 per man that includes attendance for 1 and includes 1 copy each of The Knight’s Code book and 3SG Men’s Manual. The “ticket” is how I receive an honorarium for the event. There will be an on-line site for advance registration, as well as a table at the event for at-the-door admissions. The goal for any conference is to have at least 50 men. All ticket proceeds go to my 501c-3 ministry where I put everything back into men’s ministry efforts.

There are 2 key reasons for this approach:

1—Cut the cost of the event to the host churches as low as possible in covering expenses only.

2—Men today equate free with bad. Guys paying $25 creates an expectation and a ticket gives motivation to attend. Getting the books adds value and puts ministry tools in their hand, which I will train them in how to use. I encourage a sponsoring church to ask some businessmen to provide a few scholarship tickets for men who are unemployed or otherwise need assistance in coming.

5 FAQ Details:

1-I recommend the minimum attendance age be 16, unless a father brings his younger son and is responsible for the mature content his son will hear. This conference can open the door for a father and son to have much needed discussions.

2-The host church and sponsoring organization is responsible for all publicity. I can provide event specific artwork for posters, flyers, postcards, and business cards with all event details to be printed by the sponsor/host.

3-The event will be placed on where tickets may be purchased on-line in advance. This secure site will also include all necessary information for the event. A table needs to be set up at the event for checking advance tickets and walk-up registration.

4-Should an event look like it will be poorly attended and agreement is made by the sponsor/host to cancel, all pre-sold tickets will be refunded to buyers and any travel expenses purchased will be reimbursed by the sponsor to 517 Resources.

5-I bring other resources and branded items to sell to support both the men’s witness following the event and to further the ministry.


My motto for this conference is: “Its not about what happens at the event, but what happens after I leave.” My plan is not to just have a men’s event to get guys excited for a day, but to create something lasting that transforms men and builds up the church after I’m gone. Throughout The Knight’s Code teaching, I thread in the power of men’s small groups and teach the why, how, and what of how to start a small group. Then after I leave, the men have my books to use and the knowledge of what to do to begin. I put the responsibility on the men to begin this ministry, not on the church staff. This has proven to be very effective in launching and continuing men’s small group ministry in every church I’ve been by putting ownership in the hands of the church’s men.


Topics Covered:

God’s intention for sex

Vicious cycle of lust



Principles to purity

Biblical balance of speech

Personality vs. Lordship

Steps to becoming a man of Truth



Principles to integrity

Dealing with our own flesh

Dealing with our own family

Dealing with our extended family

Dealing with our circle of friends

Principles to reaching the world for Christ

Reviewing the basics of our faith

Re-energizing Prayer

Value of Scripture

Personal Principles


How to start and maintain Men’s Small Groups


In today’s culture, the Church must begin to deal with the tough topics men are facing daily and dying from. I take men to this place through the lens of Scripture, pointing to the power of Christ, while constantly packaging the teaching in grace, not grief, and conviction, not condemnation.

Sponsor/Attendee References:

“If you want to see God move and stir hearts to action in your men’s ministry, I recommend Robert Noland’s The Knight’s Code conference! Robert is a very effective communicator. As a conference leader, he has that unique countenance of humble strength that reaches into men’s lives and pierces their hearts. He has a giftedness to take difficult topics and bring them into the light in a non-threatening way so that men are able to address them in an encouraging environment. Robert also has the ability to relate deep profound spiritual truths in a way that is clear, understandable, challenging and inspiring. God used Robert to not only convey those truths but to motivate our men to embrace them. Following the conference, our men have formed small groups that are meeting throughout the week and include men that didn’t even attend the conference. The significant impact of Robert’s ministry has not been limited to a two-day event but is being felt into the future in ever-widening circles. God truly used Robert to help us rise to the challenge as spiritual leaders to Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong and Follow the King!”  —Kyle Petteway, Men’s Ministry Servant-Leader, First Baptist Church High Springs, FL

“Since Robert Noland came and led our men’s conference three weeks ago, there have already been several groups of men meeting together and holding each other accountable. The testimonies that are coming in from men’s groups are very exciting about how Jesus is working in men because they are being open with each other and seeking Him in a fresh and new way. For our conference, we had a cookout and invited all the men in our church body and any of their friends that they would bring.  We had about 90 men come to our two-day conference.  Tonight, we again had 87 men sign up with their brothers for Bible study. We are tremendously excited to see men willing to let God lead their lives and give up precious time to meet and invest in others and to put the Words of Jesus in action. Our men are catching this vision. I really think Robert challenged us to better equip ourselves through small men’s groups, and it’s catching on! Robert’s conference was straight from God’s Word and revealed areas in our men’s lives that most of us have never been taught, or even talked about, in any type of teaching situation before. During the teaching times at the conference, many men were literally on the edge of their seats, hanging on every word from Robert proclaiming his past experience’s from men’s lives and how it correlated with God’s Word.  Good stuff! I highly recommend inviting Robert Noland to come and share with any church that would like to see their men grow closer to each other, their wives and families and most of all The Lord Jesus Christ!” —Robert L McMillan, Businessman & Men’s Ministry Leader, FBC, High Springs, FL

“Robert Noland has the ability to connect with men from all walks of life, all ages and stages. His calm demeanor and his simplistic approach allow every man to let down their guard and be real. Robert presents information to men in a way they understand and leave challenged. I highly recommend his The Knight’s Code book and Men’s conference.”  —Skipper Rodgers, Associate Pastor, FBC High Springs, FL

The Knights Code conference was such a blessing to the men and families of our church. The content is simple and yet profound.  It is practical and yet deep, all at the same time. Pastor Robert is not afraid to speak to the difficult issues facing men in today’s culture, yet he does it with grace and love. Our men were challenged to grow deeper in relationships with God and each other and to stand up to be the spiritual leaders God has called them to be.”  —Chad Benson, Pastor, Lifegate Church in Burleson, TX

“Our church has never had a men’s ministry of any kind. We invited Robert Noland for The Knight’s Code Conference. He covered all those topics that are on every man’s mind, but seldom discussed. I was especially impressed by the way he taught from a Biblical perspective, always pointing us back to our relationship with Christ. Robert held each man’s full attention the whole time. After the conference, those attending started a men’s ministry in our church. Thanks Robert!”

—Andy Perkins, Memorial Presbyterian in Elizabethton, TN

I recently had a great opportunity to attend a men’s retreat for two days where the speaker was Robert Noland. It was quite a blessing to get to meet Robert and hear him speak. The principles he teaches for living your life are amazing and follow along with serving God and how we should all pursue living our lives. After hearing Robert teach, here’s what my life is now about: Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong, and Follow the King! —Terry Meadows, Pro Rodeo Cowboy, Austin, TX

Through the The Knights Code, we have seen men’s lives changed, awakened to Truth and a way of life they were not walking in, making them better Christ followers, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, employees, and church members.

—Ed Ewald, Men’s Ministry Leader, Central Baptist, Round Rock, TX

Man! God had you RIGHT ON last night! All of our guys enjoyed your message. Some told me of how they were challenged by the Lord to get busy about following God’s plan for their lives. I guarantee you that God spoke to me through you last night.

—Randy McLelland, Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

The Word of God was proclaimed mightily through you this past weekend! The men gathered were edified. Robert, His message through you resonated strongly. Know that the work you are doing, the mission you are on, and the Kingly tenets you espouse are building up the body of Christ, calling men back into right relationship with Him and one another and are making a difference for his Kingdom here on Earth. Thank you, brother, and Praise Him! —Tripp Lee, Conference Attendee

Robert, I had a life-changing experience about twelve years ago attending a Man-in-the-Mirror event for men at a retreat.
 Guess what? It happened again last weekend! Thanks! —Maury Purcell, Conference Attendee

This past weekend, meeting you, and now my constant relationship with Christ has forever changed my life. My two buddies and I are starting our first accountability meeting tomorrow. —Bobby Bentz, Conference Attendee

When God’s truth is told, it’s obvious. Praise God for His work through you. Thanks for your obedience, your boldness in proclamation, your humility of spirit, and for sharing your wisdom. —Glenn Ohanesian, Conference Attendee

Robert, thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance this past weekend. The Knights Code showed me ways to step back up as a Christian man. The Knights Code, combined with Scripture, also gave me a better insight and understanding of the Bible. God bless you. —Troy Hutchinson, Conference Attendee

For info or questions, contact:

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