Verses & Verses 40-Day Devotional Book

Verses & Verses 40-Day Devotional Book


When am I being confident and when do I spill over into arrogance?


When is my anger justifiable and when am I bordering on rage?

Where am I planning wisely and where am I just selfishly plotting?

When do I speak up and where do I need to shut up?

Where am I investing my hours and where am I merely wasting time?

Life these days can seem like a tightrope walk with no net. All too often we feel like we’re playing a one-person game of teeter-totter, running back and forth between two contrasting sides of an issue, trying desperately to find the balance.

The Bible is the great Standard for all of life. Inside its pages, we can discover both our life and stability in these shaky times. Yes, we will fail and falter in this broken, fallen world, but the Scripture has the answer for this daily dilemma as well.

Invest the next forty days in the Verses of the Bible speaking to the Versus of the culture. From within the deep, cultural contrasts in which we struggle and strive, find biblical breakthroughs in connecting the truth and power of God’s Word to your heart, soul, and spirit.

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